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Criminal Defense

Haberkorn Law Offices, Ltd., has been providing criminal defense legal services for over 38 years in Aitkin, Minnesota.  EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE, RESULTS describe our criminal defense practice.  WE OFFER A FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION FOR ALL LEGAL MATTERS.   

Haberkorn Law Offices, Ltd. focuses its criminal law practice in Aitkin, Hill City, McGrath, McGregor, Palisade, Tamarack, Brainerd, Breezy Point, Crosby, Cross Lake, Nisswa, Pequot, Grand Rapids, Cohasset, Coleraine, Keewatin, Milaca, Princeton, and other Minnesota cities and towns.

Haberkorn Law Offices, Ltd.’s criminal law practice in Minnesota includes DWI –DUI, driver’s license revocation, vehicle forfeiture, drug crimes, and assault charges.

We will fight hard and defend you from your DUI - DWI criminal charges in Minnesota.  We will work hard to show that you were not intoxicated.  The following are some of the things we will do to put together the best criminal defense for you in Minnesota: 

        Find any independent witnesses who will testify for you in court, and question the police officers in court. 

        Review in depth the results of the breath or blood tests you took.

        Carefully look at how well the police officer gave you the field sobriety tests. 

     Carefully review the experience and training of the people who conducted any chemical tests.

       Evaluate the constitutionality of the traffic stop, the police officer’s contact with you, and any search or seizure done by the police officer.

If you are arrested for a DWI in Minnesota, a Revocation of Driver’s license will be filed against you.  This means you will no longer be able to drive legally.  If your driver’s license is being revoked because of a DWI, then if appropriate, we will file an Implied Consent Hearing with a Minnesota court and fight against the revocation.  At that hearing, the judge will decide if your driver’s license revocation should be stopped (rescinded).  If your Minnesota driver’s license revocation can’t be rescinded, the terms of your revocation will vary based on several factors.  If you have a prior DWI criminal record, or if you refused or failed the alcohol testing, will all determine how long your driver’s license is revoked.  It will determine if you can get a limited license so you can drive to work.  Also, the requirements for you to get your driver’s license again (reinstatement), will depend on these same factors.

In some Minnesota DWI cases, the arresting agency has the legal authority to keep and/or sell (forfeit) the motor vehicle involved in the DWI.  A vehicle can be forfeited in two ways in Minnesota.  Either the driver is the owner of the vehicle and he or she is found guilty of the DWI criminal charge or the driver has had his or her driver’s license revoked.  Or if the motor vehicle owner (who is not the driver) is legally found to know of the intended illegal use of the vehicle or should have known of the intended illegal use, the vehicle can be forfeited.  If you are the driver and owner of the motor vehicle involved in the Minnesota DWI criminal charge, then we will fight the DWI and your driver’s license revocation. If you are the vehicle owner (and not the driver), we will fight the prosecutor and show that you did not know nor should you have known that the driver intended to drive while intoxicated.  Sometimes, we can negotiate with the prosecutor and show him or her that the vehicle’s value is low, or the loan balance is high.  In these situations, the Minnesota prosecutor may agree to return the vehicle to the owner.  If the prosecutor will not agree to return the vehicle to its owner, we will fight it out in court and show why the vehicle must be returned.  There are strict time deadlines that you must meet to make all of these legal arguments, and we urge you to contact an experienced DWI lawyer today.

If you have been arrested for a drug crime in Minnesota, you should contact us immediately.  You may have been arrested for small amounts of marijuana possession, which is a misdemeanor that we may be able negotiate to a lesser criminal charge.  However, most drug crime criminal charges are considered felonies in Minnesota where you could go to jail or even prison, for years. Narcotics agents will have searched for any evidence that you are making or selling the drugs.  If you possess measuring scales, containers or plastic baggies, large amounts of cash, address books, and/or weapons, this will be used against you in court.  By hiring us early on, you give us the best chance to negotiate with the prosecutor or prepare for trial.  Our goal is to help you live your life without living it in prison.

Minnesota assault charges are serious and you can be severely punished if you are found guilty.  You can go to jail or prison, be sentenced to a workhouse, have to pay fines or restitution (which is money you pay to the victim) or have lengthy probation.  There are five different types of assault in Minnesota, from First Degree Assault to Fifth Degree Assault.  Depending on the seriousness of the victim’s injury, you could be facing a misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor or felony criminal charge.  As with all Minnesota criminal charges, depending on the facts of the case, there may be defenses we can argue to reduce your punishment or to find you not guilty.  A general list of Minnesota defenses we will argue, if applicable, include: self-defense, defense of others, intoxication, involuntary intoxication, insanity, necessity, abuse, and several others.      

If you have a Minnesota legal question involving DWI –DUI, driver’s license revocation, vehicle forfeiture, drug crime charge, or assault charge, contact Mr. Haberkorn and Ms. Bright today for the experienced legal help you need.  EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE, RESULTS!

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