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Real Estate

Haberkorn Law Offices, Ltd., has been providing real estate legal services for over 38 years in Aitkin, Minnesota.  EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE, RESULTS describe our general law practice.  WE OFFER A FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION FOR ALL LEGAL MATTERS.   

Haberkorn Law Offices, Ltd. focuses its real estate law practice on Aitkin, Hill City, McGrath, McGregor, Palisade, Tamarack, Brainerd, Breezy Point, Crosby, Cross Lake, Nisswa, Pequot, Grand Rapids, Cohasset, Coleraine, Keewatin, Milaca, Princeton, and other Minnesota cities and towns.

Haberkorn Law Offices, Ltd.’s real estate law practice in Minnesota includes purchase agreements, closings, zoning, and civil trespassing issues. 

Most Minnesota residential home sales typically require you to sign over 30 separate documents about your purchase, which affect your legal rights at closing and even after you move into your new home.  You may wonder about the following:

·         What is a Real Estate Disclosure Statement?

·         Who pays for damage done before the real estate closing?

·         Do I have to pay for an incorrect Well Certificate?

·         Should I agree to Arbitration?

Getting the right answers to these and other important real estate questions in Minnesota can make a difference of you literally paying thousands of dollars and stopping any future litigation.  Having us at your Minnesota real estate closing ensures that your legal rights are being protected.

Every city in the United States has the authority to divide up land into zones.  Zoning in Minnesota and elsewhere is the division of an area into separate districts, making specific uses permissible for specific zoned districts.  Minnesota cities are permitted to zone their land in order to protect the public health, safety, and general welfare of the community.  Zones determine what kind of building or business can build or run in a specific zone.  The most common Minnesota zoning difference is between zones for commercial business and zones for family housing.  In general, a commercial business cannot be located in a zoning district which was designed for family homes.  We handle many types of zoning legal issues including:

·         Representing you in front of planning and zoning boards, and city governments

·         Preparing applications for zoning variances or conditional use

·         Requesting changes (amendments) for zoning or land use ordinances

·         Researching land use ordinances

If you own land, a business or a home in Minnesota, you have the legal right to be paid money if your property is damaged or has been used without your consent.  This is called civil trespass in Minnesota, and we can help you protect your legal property rights.  There are many examples of civil trespass such as a neighbor building his or her fence over your property line, someone protesting at your business, or someone hunting on your property.  There are different types of civil trespass, such as ones that continue (a fence on your property) and others that happen sometimes (a protest on your property).  In some civil trespass situations, the person who intentionally damages your property may also be prosecuted for criminal trespass.

If you have a legal question, no matter what the type, contact Mr. Haberkorn and Ms. Bright today for the expert help you need.  EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE, RESULTS!

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