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Family Law

Haberkorn Law Offices, Ltd., has been providing family law services for over  38 years in Aitkin, Minnesota.  EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE, RESULTS describe their family law practice.  WE OFFER A FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION FOR ALL LEGAL MATTERS.   

Haberkorn Law Offices, Ltd. focuses its family law practice in Aitkin, Hill City, McGrath, McGregor, Palisade, Tamarack, Brainerd, Breezy Point, Crosby, Cross Lake, Nisswa, Pequot, Grand Rapids, Cohasset, Coleraine, Keewatin, Milaca, Princeton, and other Minnesota cities and towns.

Haberkorn Law Offices, Ltd.’s family law practice in Minnesota includes divorce/dissolution of marriage, child custody, child support, paternity and adoption.  OUR GOAL IS TO HELP FAMILIES RESOLVE CONFLICTS.

A divorce is called a "Dissolution of Marriage" in Minnesota.  One of the spouses must have lived in Minnesota for at least 180 days before beginning the dissolution of marriage. 

The current law in Minnesota allows same sex couples to get married or divorced in the state.  A same sex couple may also file for divorce in Minnesota if they got married in Minnesota, and each spouse now lives in a state that does not allow the dissolution of the parties' same sex marriage.

If the spouses own property or have minor children, this complicates the dissolution of marriage.  If the spouses agree on how to divide their property, how to structure child custody and parenting time, and the amount of child support, the divorce can usually be completed more quickly.

Minnesota child custody and parenting time can become complicated so you need experienced and compassionate lawyers like us to explain how it will work in your family situation.  Basically, there are several different types of child custody in Minnesota including “legal custody”, “physical custody”, “joint legal custody”, “joint physical custody” and “joint legal and physical custody”, which we can explain.  "Parenting time" in Minnesota, commonly referred to as "visitation", is the time the non-custodial parent spends with a child, regardless of the above labels used in the child custody arrangement.  Usually there is a parenting time schedule which is agreed on between the spouses or ordered by the Court.

Child support in Minnesota is determined by “basic support”, “medical support” and “child care support”.  Minnesota law uses a method of calculating child support called "Income Shares."  Child Support Guidelines use both parents' gross income, the number of children, and the cost of raising a child to determine the amount of child support.  The Minnesota Department of Human Services has a Child Support Calculator online, which you can use to calculate child support for your children.  But again, it can be difficult to calculate child support on your own, and we encourage you to contact us for expert help.

Paternity is the legal process to establish that a man is the "legal" father of a child.  Once paternity is determined by a Minnesota Court, he has an obligation to financially support his child and he may ask the Court for a decision (order) regarding child custody and parenting time.  A man’s name on a child’s birth certificate alone is not enough to establish the man as the child’s "legal" father.

A minor child is available for adoption in Minnesota once the biological parents’ legal rights have been terminated, either voluntarily or involuntarily.  The adoption paperwork is filed with the court and provides basic information that later permits the judge to decide that the adoption serves the best interest of the minor child.

Before an adoption can be decided by the court however, social service will perform background checks on the adoptive parent(s).  The background checks can include a criminal history check, home studies and other more thorough background checks.

If you have a legal question involving your family, contact Mr. Haberkorn or Ms. Bright today for the compassionate legal help you need.  EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE, RESULTS!

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